Simple Swaps for Success- Breakfast

A guest blog post by Dr. Lynn Stiff – MD, RD, MS – I thought it would be fun to start a series called simple swaps for success. These are easy and affordable changes you can make to your diet on a daily basis. These simple changes will add up over time and leadContinue reading “Simple Swaps for Success- Breakfast”

The Mind-Blowing Answer to “How to eat a Healthy Diet”

A guest post today by Lynn Stiff MD, RD, MS Whenever people hear I’m a dietitian, they often make comments like –  “Oh that’s so cool! I wish medical school spent more time on this. I know nothing about diet.” “I bet you have so much knowledge for your patients! They must all be soContinue reading “The Mind-Blowing Answer to “How to eat a Healthy Diet””

Nutrition November is just getting started!!

Ok ladies and gentlemen, get your hearts and minds ready for some fire! In honor of what I am calling Nutrition November, I’ll be having two guest blog posts next week. Drum roll please…..My good friend, fellow Family Doctor, mom of three Aaannnnddd Registered Dietician, doctor Lynn Stiff will be brining the heat with someContinue reading “Nutrition November is just getting started!!”

Here We Go H2O, Here We GO! Rah Rah!!

It’s November and football season is in Full Swing. WoooHooo go Bobcats! We all love a good cheer right?! I mean, who doesn’t love rooting for the home team, wearing the jersey with pride, waving your pom-poms in the air like you just don’t care! Well let’s all stand up and cheer for the realContinue reading “Here We Go H2O, Here We GO! Rah Rah!!”

Dr. Hathaway’s Book Club!!!

OK, so I’m not Oprah, obviously, no one is getting a car, but I do love a good book! Recently, I’ve developed a particular fondness for a good ol’, kick it into gear, get rid of the excuses, make your life better, non-fiction book. So that’s where we are going to start. Don’t worry, there will be some heart pounding, smutty romance novels thrownContinue reading “Dr. Hathaway’s Book Club!!!”

Pour Some Sugar On ME!

It’s Halloween and the Reese’s peanut butter cups are flowing! Kids are trick-or-treating in their finest unicorn and Ninja costumes, you’ve undoubtedly had to endure 2 neighborhood costume parties, a classroom holiday bash, and “trunk-or-treat” at the local mall. Now your house is full to the brim with Tootsie Rolls, KitKats, Mike and Ikes andContinue reading “Pour Some Sugar On ME!”