Ode to the Halloween Oreo

Alright, so this doesn’t exactly fit our October theme of preventative medicine, but it is an important medical question I think we need to ponder… Why do the Orange Halloween Oreos taste soooo much better? Everyone agrees they are far superior to the traditional white ones, (this is fact and not up for debate, Debby) but why? What are they putting in there?!

Now, the folks at Nabisco claim the orange filling in its Halloween cookie is exactly the same as the regular Oreo, just with food coloring added, but I’m not buying it. There’s got to be some explanation as to why they are so much tastier. Well let’s turn to science, because science is pretty rad and has answers for everything!

Experimental psychologist Charles Spence studied how all of our senses affect our sense of taste. His book, Gastrophysics, The New Science of Eating, explains it all. In one experiment, people perceived foods to be 10% sweeter when colored with pink-red-orange hues. They also reported the intensity of the color enhanced and amplified the amount of flavor they detected in a particular food. https://www.foodrepublic.com/2017/06/27/color-affects-taste/.

We also associate colors with certain foods known by that color. Orange of course, will be expected to taste like an orange. And a common and Very delicious dessert combination is Orange and Chocolate. Like those sweet little Christmas time balls that break into slices of deliciousness. (Anyone else think these were developed by a mom who just really needed to forcefully slam something on to the counter after dealing with her children during the holidays? Anyone?? Just me? ok….)

Turns out the color of our food really does change our perception of how it tastes. Science once again saves the day, confirming that the Orange Halloween Oreo, with it’s 10% sweeter, more intensely colored, chocolate and orange reminiscent filling, is the superior Oreo! Case Closed. Now pardon me while I go on a 2-mile run to burn off that entire sleeve of deliciousness I just ate in one sitting. Hey, they are vegan, that must mean their good for you, right? 😉

Let me know your favorite Oreo flavor below. But don’t you dare say the fat free ones, we can not be friends. Nobody puts Oreo in the fat free corner!

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